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        • 李敏李讷

          27 Aug 2020

          It allegedly did not inform regulators and consumers of issues that led to millions of car recalls in the US and Canada

        • 李敏李讷

          19 Aug 2020

          Some predict a surge in claims is coming as shutdowns ease, which will put pressure on insurers to perform

        • 李敏李讷

          13 Aug 2020

          The lingering effects of the pandemic could mean the declines will last for years

        • 李敏李讷

          6 Aug 2020

          It will help trucking customers take advantage of easy-to-implement fleet management

        • 李敏李讷

          29 Jul 2020

          The sector continues to struggle with challenges that have influenced premium rates for a decade, RPS says

        • 李敏李讷

          27 Jul 2020

          This technology has multiple use-cases in the auto insurance industry

        • 李敏李讷

          2 Jul 2020

          It has announced the hiring of four new account executives for the practice

        • 李敏李讷

          4 Jun 2020

          It comes as businesses face increasing demand for same-day delivery service

        • 李敏李讷

          22 May 2020

          Allstate's data analytics company reports countrywide stats and insights

        • 李敏李讷

          20 May 2020

          Acquired trucking and public auto insurance agency will continue to operate independently