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        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          16 Jul 2020

          It is the first major US life insurer to restrict investments in coal

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          7 Jul 2020

          She replaces founder in the role

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          3 Jul 2020

          Need for investment in climate resilience was made clear by the effects of the pandemic, says CCRI

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          30 Jun 2020

          The executive has been with the company since 2013

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          22 Jun 2020

          He is making a comeback at the firm

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          18 Jun 2020

          Renamed group composes letter to top oil & gas insurers

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          15 Jun 2020

          Controversial pipeline project – supported by some of the world's largest insurers – suffers equipment failure

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          12 Jun 2020

          The company has tapped a PhD in natural hazards modeling for a newly created role

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          9 Jun 2020

          The endorsement is available with limits of up to $5 million

        • 郭碧婷和冯绍峰

          5 May 2020

          Insurer is catching up to AXA on coal exclusion, but hasn't quite pulled ahead, according to non-profit